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Welcome to our world of
authentic Italian flavours

365 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne

Delicious homemade pasta, pizza dough made
with slow-rise Italian flour, and vegetables,
fish and meat chosen with the precision
and care of an Italian mother

The pleasure of enjoying genuine Italian dishes.
That’s what we offer our guests every day in our restaurant – the second we’ve opened in Melbourne – thanks to the exclusive prime produce, meat and fish, traditional recipes and preparation that retains the authentic flavour of all the ingredients. We prepare our dishes with the same passion and tradition that for over forty years has distinguished the cuisine at Da Guido’s, the famous restaurant located near Venice where our story originated.

All dishes are strictly prepared
with a great passion with fresh
and genuine ingredients
by Italian chefs trained
in our restaurant in Italy.

Guests can relax and enjoy
their meal in a bright
and restful setting with
an open kitchen.

Walls covered with exquisite original mosaics created by hand with Murano glass, a brand-new open kitchen and stylish, up-to-the-minute furnishings. Our friendly personnel and the warm, inviting atmosphere will remind you of the unique charm that has made Venice renowned worldwide. The recent renovation has turned the restaurant into a very welcoming place where you can relax and enjoy the aroma and taste of Italy’s culinary heritage. Because that's precisely what our guests receive: an authentic Italian food experience from beginning to end.